Monday, February 6, 2017

New Poem - Forgetting to Live

In Language Arts, we've been working on poetry recently.  We are supposed to be using alliteration and personification in any of the poems that we write.

I decided to write a poem about this picture:

barn blues

You can listen to the poem that I wrote here:

Forgetting to Live Audio Recording

In this particular poem, I use one example of personification:  "Goosebumps, gifts to skinny dippers from the cow pond down in the pasture.”  I love the idea that the cow pond is giving goosebumps as gifts to swimmers.  

But here’s the thing:  It seems like I’m really good at using personification in poems, but I’m not using it in any of the other styles of writing that we are learning.  I’ve never used personification in a summary of a book that I am reading or in a report that I have to do for one of my other core classes.  And I’m not sure that I’ve ever even seen personification in nonfiction texts -- like current events or textbook readings.  

So my next goal is to see if I can find personification in other kinds of texts.  

I’m going to check out the sports articles that I read on ESPN every morning.  Then, I’m going to try to use personification in something OTHER than a poem.  

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