Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Third Week of Pure Digital Awesomeness

OK guys.  You know how this works.  I want to spotlight examples of FANTASTIC digital portfolio posts.  YOU want to see what greatness looks like in action -- AND earn 10 points for you and 10 points for your house.  

There weren't a ton of new posts this week.  Remember that you can't be recognized if  you aren't adding to your portfolio!  

Here are this week's winners:


Vaishakh's Post on Viruses in Devices -- What I love the most about this post from Vaishakh is that it is short and sweet.  There's nothing particularly complicated about it.  Vaishakh had a wonder question and he recorded it in his portfolio.  That's AWESOME.  Here's why:  Learners ALWAYS have questions -- and recording them somehow gives you a chance to go back and follow up on that learning at a later date.  What better place to record them than your portfolio?  The challenge for Vaishakh now is to go back and ANSWER his question in another post.  That shows that he's not only asking good questions, but seeking for answers, too.

Can you steal Vaishakh's idea?  Can you record a wonder question in your digital portfolio this week?  Better yet, can you go and find an answer to your wonder question, too?


Lily's Post on Auditioning for Musicals -- Proving once again that Mr. Ferriter has a lot to learn, Lily wrote a great post this week sharing a video that gives lots of tips about how to audition successfully for a part in a play or a musical.  That's neat, right?  I didn't know there WERE tips about that stuff!  Lily will be able to come back to this video the next time she has an audition for something here at school -- and that's cool.  The only thing missing from Lily's entry:  A bit 'o reflection.  I would LOVE to see her share with us something from the video that is a strength of hers and something from the video that she is working to improve.  Remember that everything about your portfolio should help YOU to improve as a learner in areas you want to improve.

Can you steal Lily's idea?  Can you find a video that helps you to get stronger at an area that you want to get stronger in and then share with us the tips that you learned from that particular video?


Donnie's Bit on Being in the Musical -- What I love the best about this post is that Donnie took time to celebrate an accomplishment in his portfolio!  Remember that celebrating accomplishments is one of the ways that we remind ourselves that we ARE being successful in a lot of different ways in our lives.  Donnie also mentions taking a risk in this post -- being in the musical wasn't something others would have thought Donnie would have tried.  I like that, too.  The truth is that taking risks is how we become more accomplished.  Risk takers will rule the world!

Can you steal Donnie's idea?  Can you share a time when you took a risk and explain how that made you feel?  Can you share a success that you've had recently -- and explain what you learned from that success?  


Can't wait to see who is on next week's "Examples of Awesomeness" post!


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