Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Here's How I Like to Study.

Digital Portfolio Challenge:  Create a ranked list of three different study strategies.    There are TONS of different steps that students take to study new content.  We use flash cards, online games (think Quizlet or Kahoot), review with study partners, and study guides. List three study strategies that you have used in order from MOST effective to LEAST effective -- and defend your rankings.


When I think about the most effective ways to study for tests, three things pop to mind: Using Quizlet, reviewing my classroom assignments and watching Brainpop videos.

Here's how I would rank order those strategies:

(1). Watching Brainpop Videos: I think watching Brainpop videos is the best way to study because there are videos about everything in our Science curriculum. Those videos are short -- so I don't feel like I am being slammed by too much information all at once. But they are also entertaining and they tend to cover the important ideas that we are learning in class, too.

(2). Using Quizlet: One of the things that has always helped me as a learner on a test is knowing all of the unit's vocabulary words. That's because those words appear everywhere on a test -- in the questions, in the answer choices, in my own answers. So as boring as it may seem, memorizing important vocabulary helps me. And Quizlet makes studying vocabulary a little less boring! I like that I can study in lots of different ways and take as many practice tests as I want.

(3). Reviewing my Classroom Assignments: OK. So I figured something out. Everything that we do in class is designed to teach us something that we are supposed to know during the unit! I know. I know. That SHOULD have been obvious, but I don't pay all that much attention to the work we are doing in class. Now that I know the assignments matter, I like to review them before each test. That refreshes my memory about the ideas that we were learning and the way that we were learning them.

What's your favorite way to study? Am I missing any strategies that are worth trying?

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