Saturday, May 20, 2017

Second Week of Pure Digital Awesomeness!

OK guys.  You know how this works.  I want to spotlight examples of FANTASTIC digital portfolio posts.  YOU want to see what greatness looks like in action -- AND earn 10 points for you and 10 points for your house.  

There weren't a ton of new posts this week.  Remember that you can't be recognized if  you aren't adding to your portfolio!  

Here are this week's winners:


Jamie's Post on Root Words:  Jamie's on a roll, y'all.  Last week, she was recognized after writing a post sharing a video resource that she thought was really helpful.  This week, she shared an example of using her knowledge of root words -- something that she learned in Language Arts class -- to help her understand a new word that she encountered in a Read Theory passage.  That's SUPER cool because it shows that Jamie is applying what she is learning -- and applying what you are learning is a sign of a great learner.  

Can you steal Jamie's idea?  Be on the lookout for a time when something that you've learned in class helps you to understand something that you are working on outside of class.    


Cole L's Post on Shooting a Slap Shot:  Cole borrowed an idea from Abby and Casey and decided to share a video of something that he is working on learning -- a slap shot in hockey.  What's really cool about his post is that he reflects on the way that HE takes a slap shot, giving specific details about his technique.  That's SUPER cool because it shows that Cole is being thoughtful about what it is that he does well.

Can you steal Cole (and Abby and Casey's) idea?  Can you find a video highlighting something that  you are working to learn AND then explain either what you learned from the video OR reflect on the strengths or weaknesses in your own technique?


Lauren's Post on Surface Area and Volume:  Lauren borrowed an idea from Layaa by creating a post designed to teach readers about something that she's studying in class -- Surface area and Volume.  What makes her post really interesting to me is that she surveyed her friends and found that the majority of them were more confused about surface area than they were volume -- so this post was partly to help Lauren practice what she was learning and partly to help her friends to learn something new.

Can you steal Lauren's idea?  Find some of your friends.  Ask them what they are struggling to understand in one of their classes.  Then, create a post designed to teach them the concept.  Not only will you learn more  (teaching something requires understanding it well), you'll be a helper, too!


Can't wait to see who is on next week's "Examples of Awesomeness" post!


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