Saturday, May 13, 2017

This Week's Examples of Pure Digital Portfolio Awesomeness

Hey Guys,

One of the things that I want to do is start spotlighting examples of FANTASTIC digital portfolio posts that are being written by your peers.  Doing so will give you ideas about the kinds of things that go into great digital portfolios -- and it should help you to write better posts yourself.

I'll share examples every week.  If  your post is highlighted, you get 10 points for yourself and ten points for your house.  Also, you can use your highlighted post to raise any grade in Science class.


Casey's Reflection and Abby's Reflection on a Video that they Learned From:  A few weeks back, I challenged you to share a video that you learned something from in your digital portfolio.  Both Casey and Abby shared videos about swimming strokes -- a personal interest of theirs.  What makes their entries terrific, though, is that they were REALLY detailed -- both about what they saw in the video AND how they would improve their own swimming as a result of the video.  That's what digital portfolios are about:  Reflecting and growing as a learner, regardless of the area.

Can you steal Casey and Abby's idea?  Find a video about a skill that you are trying to get better at, highlight things you've learned from the video, and then tell us how that learning applies to you.


Jamie's Video Share:  Jamie also took my "find and share a video" challenge a few weeks ago. Her post is different from Abby and Casey's, though.  She went and found a tutorial on a topic that all y'all were studying in Math class and shared it quickly in her portfolio.  That's ANOTHER great idea because when she wants to go back and study for math, she can turn to her portfolio to find tutorials.

Can you steal Jamie's idea?  Start thinking about the topics you are learning about in each of your classes.  Then, find tutorials about those topics and post them quickly in your portfolio.  Soon, you'll have a warehouse of videos that are sorted by subject that you can use for studying.


Sanjit's Test Reflection:  Sanjit wrote a great reflection after taking his Matter test this week.  I love how he dissected the questions that he got wrong, working hard to identify the reasons for his mistakes.  I also love that he wrote right after his test was done.  That's what reflective learners do -- they think through their weaknesses and see what they can learn from them.

Can you steal Sanjit's idea?  Have you taken a test recently in any of your classes?  Go back and look at that test.  What can you learn from the mistakes that you made?  What will your next steps as a learner be now that you've identified your mistakes?


Layaa's Post on Compounds and Mixtures:  After we finished studying compounds and mixtures -- a tricky topic that I told you was going to be on your unit test -- Layaa wrote a bit summarizing the differences between those two concepts.  What I LOVE about that is it gave Layaa a GREAT chance to study before the test.  Trying to summarize difficult ideas in your portfolio is a way of practicing with those ideas.  Better yet, trying to summarize difficult ideas in your portfolio will help you to build a library of study posts that you can look back at later.

Can you steal Layaa's idea?  What is a difficult concept that you've learned in one of your classes lately?  Consider writing a summary sharing what you know about that difficult concept in your portfolio!  Just be sure to add labels so that you can find that post later.


Can't wait to see who is on next week's "Examples of Awesomeness" post!


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