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Big Ideas I'm Working to Learn in Language Arts:

I will use this page to reflect on all that I am learning about Language Arts and the world around me.  Specifically, I will be working to answer the essential questions that we are studying in Language Arts class over the next few years.  Those essential questions are linked below.

Sixth Grade Language Arts Essential Questions

Sixth Grade:

One of the big ideas that we are studying in Language Arts this year is the notion that the words we choose to include in our writing can affect the tone, meaning and/or mood of a piece of writing.  I'm really in to that idea.  It makes me remember that as a writer, I need to think about more than just the story, report or poem that I am writing.  I also need to think about the impact that my choices as an author have on my audiences.  That's new to me simply because I'd never given much thought to the audiences for my writing.  Writing was just something that I did because I had an assignment that I was supposed to complete.

Thinking about audiences changes everything for me.  If a piece of writing is supposed to have an impact on an audience, the words that I choose become REALLY important.  In a lot of ways, I see this kind of like a game:  Can I figure out the RIGHT words and the RIGHT order of those words to make readers feel the way that I want them to feel about the topic that I am thinking about in my writing.  It's like the ultimate persuasion, in a way.

It also makes me think more carefully about anything that I am reading and/or viewing.  If other writers and content creators are considering mood and meaning and tone when they are creating pieces of writing or videos, I need to be on the lookout for that when I am reading anything -- not because I think the author is being sneaky or because trying to influence my mood is a bad thing, but because I might not always agree with how the reader WANTS me to feel about a topic.

My wonderings about this idea:

New Poem -- Forgetting to Live

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