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Big Ideas I'm Working to Learn in Social Studies:

I will use this page to reflect on all that I am learning about social studies and the world around me.  Specifically, I will be working to answer the essential questions that we are studying in social studies class over the next few years.  Those essential questions are linked below.

Sixth Grade Social Studies Essential Questions

Sixth Grade:

One of the big ideas that we study in social studies in sixth grade is the idea that the migration of people, goods and ideas can transform societies and influence the course of history.  I really think we are in the middle of one of the greatest moments of migration in history.  If you look at the news at all, there are always stories of the movement of people -- whether they are refugees fleeing wars or immigrants trying to find a better home in another nation.  In a lot of places in Europe, those immigrants and refugees are going through incredible dangers in order to get to new nations.  Many countries -- including ours -- are starting to wrestle with whether or not immigration is a good thing.

And that's interesting to me because so many people can track their own families back to immigrants.  The United States was always proud of being a nation of immigrants.  I'm not sure that's the case anymore.  I'm not sure how I feel about immigration yet.  I can see lots of examples of how people and goods and ideas moving around the world have made things better.  But I also know that we live in a dangerous world -- so maybe preventing movement isn't a terrible idea.  This is an area where I want to do more thinking.

My wonderings about this idea:

Donald Trump's Immigration Ban

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